About Ratpack Productions

‘What have I got? No looks, no money, no education. Just talent’ - Sammy Davis Jr.

Rat-Pack stands for two things – Friendship & Loyalty. The term originally used in the early 50′s to describe the clan that Humphrey Bogart led. The ‘Pack’ was an assembly of diverse talents. They did not conform. They did not try to impress. They always surprised. They did things their own way.

This ‘Own way’ philosophy is what drives Rat-Pack Productions. Rat-Pack is not just about a few individuals. It’s an attitude, a movement, a philosophy. We take people along and infuse them with a spirit that is distinct yet universal. This results in work that transcends the parochial making it unique yet accessible to one and all.

The vast talent pool that we access from India and across the world helps us mount projects that are tailor made for each of our clients. We call this the ‘Bespoke’ treatment. Some of our working partners come from as diverse lands such as Poland, South Africa, Singapore, Thailand. The loyalty that we generate gives us a repeat audience not just with the agencies and the clients but also with the talent we associate with. The Rat-Pack’s essence of connecting with individuals at a personal level helps a great deal which goes beyond work.

Back in the days, often when one of the member of the Rat-Pack was slated to perform, the entire ‘Pack’ would show up for an impromptu gig causing much excitement. It’s this ability of ours to give that extra little to our clients is what we pride upon. Some of our clients whom we regularly associate with include – Unilever, ITC, Marico, Wipro, Godrej, Reckitt etc.

Frank Sinatra once said – ‘Work hard, but make it look easy’. We do just that! The party is on. You are invited!


Zakir Chinde – Founder / Director 

Email: zak@ratpackproductions.com
Cell: +91 9820154073

Zak is an Indian filmmaker, whose directing work includes Documentaries, Music videos & TV Commercials. Early in his career he got exposed to the cinema of Kubrick & Bresson. This distinctly diverse viewpoint left an indelible mark. He searched for other such expressions stumbling upon work of such artist as Dali, Andy Warhol, Henri Cartier Bresson, Philip Glass & Helmut Newton.

He started his directing career with an expressionist short film ‘Connected’. Written by him it was the first film to feature extensive use of Time-lapse photography in the country. The film traveled to some of the biggest International Film Festivals including London, San Francisco, Oslo, Florence, Etc. It won the “Golden Conch” for best Debut Short film at The Mumbai International Film Festival for Short & Documentaries.

Zak is well known for his collaborations with some of the biggest brands such as Unilever, ITC, Marico, Wipro, Godrej, Reckitt etc.

Zak considers himself as a visual artist who always challenges himself to communicate the story with the help of strong visuals giving him that distinct edge. Besides directing TV Commercials Zak is currently working on his first feature length script.

Shradha Kulkarni – Producer

Email: shradha@ratpackproductions.com
Cell: +91 9820298650

Shradha has been with Rat-Pack Productions as a Partner Producer since it was founded in 2012. Her widespread and diverse producing experience of over 15 years across mediums has seen her produce TV Commercials for agencies and clients like Ogilvy, JWT, Draft FCB, Wipro, Unilever and path breaking TV shows like ‘Movers & Shakers’ and ‘Jassi jaissi koi nahin’. She has also successfully headed a subsidiary company with UTV and is working towards mounting feature film projects.

Her forte lies in her focus on delivering high production values and bringing the best talent to the table within budgets. Her unique and clear understanding helps to act as a creative liaison between the Agency – Client and the Director to bring out more than what is desired. She is adept at managing the Rat-Pack ‘Clan’ consisting of multiple Directors that work under the umbrella production house. Her multi tasking abilities has given her the nickname ‘Den Mother’.

Her fresh, vibrant and passionate approach to producing that ensures a detailed superior output and creating a healthy fun environment that cultivates team spirit

Pramod Suvarna – Accounts head

Email: mail@ratpackproductions.com
Cell: +91 9820944833